Hot Lunch Buffet (minimum 25 people)

Baked Lasagna
Our very own meat lasagna served with garlic bread and a caesar salad.
.....$14.99 per person
Sheppards Pie
Minced meat mixed wit vegetables and smothered with mashed potatoes and gravy. Served with a tossed salad.
.....$14.99 per person
Pasta Passion
Your choice of Cheese Tortellini or Fettuccini Alfredo served with a tossed salad.
.....$14.99 per person
Grilled Herb Chicken
Grilled chicken marinated in olive oil, garlic and herbs, served with steamed vegetables and rice.
.....$16.99 per person

Healthy Choice Lunch (minimum 25 people)

Assorted Sandwich Tray
An assortment of ham, roast beef, tuna and egg salad sandwiches on your choice of white or brown.
with soup add $3.00
.....$8.99 per person
Assorted Platters
Cheese Presentation Canadian and imported cheese. Assortment of crackers.
$69.00 (less than 15 people)
$119.00 (25 to 50 people)
Fresh Fruit Presentation $55.00 (less than 15 people)
$89.00 (15 to 25 people)
$119.00 (25 to 50 people)
Assorted Vegetable Tray $55.00 (less than 25 people)
$89.00 (less than 50 people)
Assorted Dessert .....$55.00 (less than 25 people)

For bookings call (519) 893-1234
   Howard Johnson - KITCHENER